Sunday, July 14, 2013

T is for Tee-ball

We recently completed our third season of tee-ball. While I’m not trying to raise a baseball prodigy, we come back year after year for the important lessons that will help my son in the future, both on and off the field.

My child may be the most stubborn person I've ever met, but learning something new can be frustrating. The encouragement and motivation he receives on the field feed his can-do spirit. It's important for him to know that through practice and strong desire he can accomplish anything.

Tears… and Toughness
During our first season of tee-ball, it was a great accomplishment if we made it through an entire game (three innings) without tears. Keeping him on the bench or in the field was considered a major success. In our league, the batter gets three pitches before he can hit off the tee. I’ve seen a few get hit and learn how to shake it off and be tough.

Every kid longs to be a part of something and to find a place they fit in. It won’t always be the baseball team, but I think the earlier we can show our kids a place where they can belong and learn the importance of teamwork, the better.

It's important for kids to know that you get out what you put in. Between practice and games, the discipline of meeting time commitments will carry over into other aspects of his life. Succeeding in anything, whether it's sports, academics or even relationships, requires a time investment.

Is there anything more rewarding than seeing your child succeed? I love the taste of triumph this sport lets him have. The small feat of catching the ball can make his entire day (and mine). There is no score-keeping at this level and everyone gets a trophy at the end. I think it is well-deserved.

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