Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scenes from Date Night

Last night, the stars aligned and my son and I had some alone time together. After dealing with adults and adult problems all week, it was refreshing to listen to someone talk about important things like kindergarten and counting to 100.
At first he didn't want to go on a date--he said, "No way mom, I'm too young to get married."
All I had to say was "Big Boy."
With a coupon from Valentine's burning a hole in my pocket, we went to Frisch's--one of our favorite things. My date offered a taste of his vegetable soup. "This is a date, you're supposed to share," he informed me.
We did share hot fudge cake, a delicious finish to our meal. We talked about all the things we will accomplish this summer including riding a bike with no training wheels, going on vacation, and swimming A LOT.
Back at home, we held hands and watched several episodes of SpongeBob Square-Pants. A date is no good if you're not laughing, I always say.
I overheard him later proudly telling my fiancée about our date. I think he likes me. He didn't hold the door open and he didn't pay but I think I'll see him again.

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