Thursday, May 31, 2012

Repurposed Shopping Bags

I'm doing some housekeeping on my pinboards and I wanted to add this craft I did around Christmas last year. I don't do a lot of crafts... obviously since I'm recycling this idea from Christmas! This could of course, easily be parlayed into gift bags for any occasion.

I was wrapping a lot of small presents and inevitably wound up with some scraps of wrapping paper too small to use. Being the good conservative I am (I hate wasting ANYTHING) I was using the scraps to cut up for nametags, when I had this idea. I also have some shopping bags with handles (I think this one was from LOFT) because again, I hate wasting things. I started cutting the scrap wrap into shapes and pasting them onto the bags. On the other side of this bag I cut a round ornament shape from a red/gold wrapping paper.

For this project, this all you need:
  • Shopping bags with handles
  • Wrapping paper scrap (or newspaper, magazines, etc)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
Do you have any spin-off ideas for this project?

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