Friday, February 11, 2011

M.O.'s "thrifty" dress: blowing wind up your skirt

It's Friday night and the media is still buzzing about the outfit Michelle Obama wore for her Wednesday morning media blitz... because it allegedly cost her a mere $35. A bargain-hunter myself, I was pretty impressed with the dress (and the pricetag) she chose to wear on Regis & Kelly and the Today show. So many people have been searching for her dress online that the newsmags are still talking about where to find it.

Last night, however, I was pretty dismayed to learn on Inside Edition that the dress (from H&M) is actually sleeveless and that her "stylist" added sleeves to it. Now, I'm no math major, but if she bought another dress to add sleeves, then it's no longer a $35 dress. And having a stylist isn't considered thrifty. Just sayin'.