Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White House ironically launches "Reality Check" site

I guess monitoring all the conservative blogs was too much work. Instead, the White House has introduced a new site called Health Insurance Reform Reality Check. I'm still perusing the info myself, but I've yet to uncover the reality of where the money will come from. Anyway, here's a copy of my email to flag@whitehouse.gov. I had no choice but to turn myself in.

Is this for real?

Did the white house communication office really honestly truly ask citizens to report fellow citizens who are saying reporting or blogging "fishy" things about Obama's healthcare plan????

I can't believe this is happening in my America. But just in case it is true... here's my blog
www.joethemom.blogspot.com i've got plenty to say about this and i'll just go ahead and turn myself in. GUILTY!!!

By the way, how much taxpayer money is being used to monitor the "disinformation." Let me know because I wouldn't want to have to make a number up and put it out there on the Web... that would be disinformation, right?

Yours Truly,

Joe The Mom


  1. I'm glad to see you're not one of the shouters or shooters, and the concern about how health care reform would be paid for is a valid one. I just don't understand, though, how anyone can rationalize denying their fellow Americans access to health care.

    Give me reasons why this bill isn't the right choice and follow it up with an alternative plan. Shouting "Just say no," instead of standing up and having an informed, reasoned discussion helps no one, especially the millions in this country suffering because they can't afford health care.

    You're a reasonable person, though, so I'm looking forward to seeing your argument against it, unless you start talking about how its just a veiled plan for zombie foreigner Barry Hussein to kill and feast on the brains of your grandmother and the Palin baby.

  2. Nicely said, Joe the Mom.

    keystothebus - Part of the reason I am against universal healthcare is that I've worked hard to purchase insurance for myself. It's a priority to me. I've only recently jumped on the cell phone wagon and I've cut out cable TV completely to afford it. So far all the people I have seen demanding free healthcare, have all of these extra things but don't make a move to try and afford what they need.

    I don't get insurance through my job - I've had to purchase private health insurance. And that wasn't a picnic either, as I had to shop for months to find a plan that would accept me with my migraines and asthma. I pay a little bit more than someone else my age (about $10 a month) and I don't mind because I know I'm a little higher risk for them.

    I only pay $90 a month total, which is easily done just by cutting cable TV and other extras. And now, after all of my hard work, someone with all of the extras demands something I've had to work my butt off for, and wants it for free. Why?? I'm not rich, by any stretch of the imagination. If I can afford it, then other people can too. And I'm already making sacrifices to afford health insurance for myself, then why should anyone force me to make even a greater sacrifice for someone else who didn't make it a priority? I'm happy to help out people when they need it, but on my own terms, not forced by the government.

    Besides, there's other programs like medicare and medicaid. Why aren't those good enough? I knew a girl in college, who got pregnant. She didn't have any money - medicaid paid for all of it. There's plenty of community clinics all around - anyone can walk into a grocery store or drug store and get seen at the clinic for $20 or less. Anyone can go to the emergency room and declare they can't pay - the ER has to see them regardless. There are plenty of options out there. No one is "denying" anyone anything.

    That's one of many of my reasons. I'm not a heartless person - I'm not "denying" anyone anything. (Don't demonize people if you want a rational, reasonable argument) Read the bill for yourself. You don't listen to me, you don't have to listen to any bloggers, or CNN, or FOX. Read it for yourself -there's a lot of scary stuff in there that people in the news (and government) aren't being completely truthful about. That's what scares me the most... if it's a great plan, why can't they be honest about it?

  3. It appears that political dissent is politically correct only when it comes from the left.

  4. Keep going Joe. Jump back in when you can. You've got style, humor, and you pack a nice punch. Jump back in! I bet people are waiting for ya...(Hope if you have time, you can read some of my blogs) PS...Bravo! One Ticked Chick!

    What I was gonna say is this;

    “Hey…I’m proud of the greatest nation on earth… I love my country”….
    I’m sending this greeting and invitation to my fellow American’s, (and others) who blog and whose blogs that I read “daily” since I got going on this with you all... to give a listen to my post “Viva America-Tribute to our Military”.

    It’s for both our troops around the world protecting and creating democracy, and also for those of us who are also trying to preserve “the same” (including our own here at home)… in any way that we can. America “IS” a beautiful place, friends, folks…

    We can love it, we can hate it.

    But there’s no denying all of the very and historically, “real change” that this great nation has either brought upon, delivered, created, or set an example of… to the world. No denying.

    We’re in some rough and uncharted waters folks. Times are (always) changing…and I think that’s good. But all of you and the multitudes of others, are very much aware of what’s right and what’s wrong, and know that “civilization”, freedom, (liberties come with freedom), democracy, dignity, and ethical moral conduct, are the only things that will preserve freedom, challenge oppression, and offer peace to this ever changing world.

    At the very least, I hope you might hum the chorus while you keep up the gallant and good fight to what is going on in our beloved city…America (The beautiful)