Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheers! Drink American

When I belly up to the bar or skulk the beer cave, I'm not typically searching for an American brew. In my heyday, the drink of choice was usually the "beer of month," the "quarter beer" or the pitcher special, be it Canadian, Irish, American or whatever. As my earning power improved, so did my acumen for ales (hopefully, a continuing trend).

Thankfully, the Beer Summit has brought attention to the need to drink American. Nevermind pesky issues like healthcare reform or astounding unemployment. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs speculated prior to the meeting that the President's guests, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and James Crowley, would drink Red Stripe and Blue Moon, respectively, while the President himself would nurse a Bud Light. While I would be inclined to any of those choices, I am thinking twice now that American brewers have had their say on the summit.

Having spent several years living near the Motor City, I wouldn't dare buy a foreign vehicle, much less, park it in Detroit. Okay, that's probably the only thing that I'm dead-set buy American on. But, with so many tasty brews made right here in the states, why not make it a point to patronize them? Here are a few of my American faves:
More suggestions and info on multi-national beer conglomerates over at, check out this documentary called American Beer.

"If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose." -Jack Handey

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Bill Letter

Bill O'Reilly hasn't read one of my emails on the air since about 2000. I thought I'd share my pithy remarks with Bill and all of you about MJ one last time, and then I never want to talk about it again. Ever.


While I agree the Michael Jackson memorial has been a celebrity circus, I do take issue with your statement regarding the main stream media in Tuesday's program and today's column.

I am a loyal viewer of The Factor and think you are both brilliant and realistic, but your show is pure commentary. You do bring attention to deserving issues, but the MSM's role is different. They are responsible for giving the United States of Entertainment what they want and presenting it as *cough* objectively as possible.

A few years ago, the public wanted wall-to-wall coverage of MJ's molestation trial. Yesterday they wanted wall-to-wall coverage of his funeral. It's strange, weird and sad, but it's what the people want. Let Couric, Gibson and the like do their thing and you keep doing yours: tell the truth as you see it.


For reference, here's Bill's column today: Off the Wall: Race and Michael Jackson

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin The Mom (and maverick)

My gut is telling me that Governor Palin's resignation today was an effort to focus on her most important job: mom.

Her announcement today made my head spin. While I hadn't pegged her as the front runner for a 2012 nomination, I had thought she would emerge again on the national scene. Her decision to leave with more than a year left in her first term as governor makes her look like a quitter and definitely not a presidential candidate. It seems like an unusual path for someone who shot to political stardom in just the past year and who seemed to have a lot of ambition.

As I thought about it more this afternoon, I realized that one of the things I really like about Palin is that she has never been a conventional politician. She didn't attend an ivy league school and she doesn't have a law degree. Her husband is a fisherman and oil field operator. She doesn't come from a lineage of politicians, tobacco farmers or business owners. She has five children.

All of these nuances make her appealing to average joe Americans. The elite left (namely the media, comedians, and Hollywood) hate her because she is ordinary and yet she runs with the best of them. To Tina Fey, Keith Olbermann and Joy Behar her views are backwards, yet her platform is actually in line with most Americans. She is a real threat to the socialist machine pushing universal health care and over-regulating the private sector.
Palin was mocked out of the starting gate for her folksiness. Later, she was conversely reported to be a diva. The magnitude of her potential as a GOP leader had liberals falling over themselves to find something wrong with her. I do believe that being a contender Vice President makes you subject to such scrutinizing. But, as David Letterman had to be reminded, children are off limits.
Palin has been the most ridiculed public figure in recent history. Her family probably needs attention, but definitely not in the way they have received recently. Besides her family, Palin's next priority is Alaska and as she stated today, she is not doing the people of her state any favors by remaining in office where most of her attention (and money) is wasted on fighting ridiculous ethics complaints.
I'm not writing Sarah Palin off just yet. At the end of the day, I respect her more for keeping her priorities in order and acting as such.