Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm sayin WOW! everytime...

With around 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce, I think it's time our elected officials suck it up and come to terms with their shamwow marriages. Represent!

It would be refreshing to see a politician, (having exhausted the avenues of couples therapy, of course) admit his or her marriage is not working and end things before causing a scandal with an intern, hooker or a "dear, dear friend" from another country. Surely this is wishful thinking. After all, it takes a special kind of narcissist to excel in politics. Maybe some of these men genuinely feel they are invincible, as John Edwards admitted after his affair was exposed. I'm not a fan of psychologically dissecting reasons people engage in morally reprehensible behavior. Why it happened is not as important as the mere fact that it happened.

By the way, if you didn't vomit after South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's press conference today, or even his wife's statement following said press conference, please check out these lovely
Emails, and have a barf bag handy. I give Jenny Sanford some credit for declining to stand next to the louse during his announcement, although I have a feeling she will eventually join the ranks of women who stand by their man in the spotlight. To each her own.
If you can't uphold the vows of marriage, how can you be trusted to honor your oath of office? Obviously, Gov. Sanford can't, as he went AWOL for an entire week, leaving his staff to lie about his whereabouts even on Father's Day weekend. Even Jon Gosselin spent the weekend with his brood.