Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where is the Entertainment Czar?

We shouldn't have to be subjected to this.

I've had about enough of Susan Boyle and her so-called inspirational life story. I for one think someone should do something about it. Hey, I've got an idea. Why doesn't President Obama appoint an Entertainment Czar, that way the administration can monitor crap being produced in the name of entertainment and we won't have to sift through the B.S. ourselves. By the way, if you don't think this Boyle business is craptastic, check out this blog.

Granted, I did not come up with this great czar idea by myself. Obama has appointed (according to Foreign Policy magazine) 18 czars to oversee various um, stuff. Let's see there's

  • energy czar
  • urban czar
  • infotech czar
  • faith-based czar
  • health reform czar
  • TARP czar
  • stimulus accountability czar *my personal favorite*
  • non-proliferation czar
  • terrorism czar
  • regulatory czar
  • drug czar
  • Guantanamo closure czar

Special envoys falling into the czar category include AfPak special envoy Richard Holbrooke, Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell, special advisor for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia Dennis Ross, Sudan special envoy J. Scott Gration and climate special envoy Todd Stern. A total of 18 czars, way more than any past American president.

What the hell does an urban czar do all day? What they don't do is answer to Congress. The appointment of czars is Obama's method of expanding his power across the federal government to progress his socialist agenda. It's imperative he move quickly as he will surely be a one-term president.

His efforts aren't going unnoticed. Read Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) letter to Obama, expressing concern that the ever-expanding White House staff does not match up with his pledge to open and transparent government.

I think we could squeeze entertainment czar into that list without anyone really noticing.

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