Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In a spectacle of political ballsyness, Senator Arlen Specter announced today, to the chagrin of many, that he is the greatest lemming of them all.

To this I say, "Good riddance." The GOP is cleaning house and getting back to the core conservative principles of personal responsibility and liberty, free markets and limited government that are key to the party's eventual resurgence. Specter most recently rebuked these fundamental values in supporting the Obama administration's spending bill.

Ironically, his vote on this bill has caused an uproar back home in Pennsylvania. Former Congressman Pat Toomey, Specter's rival in the upcoming primary, has built momentum in the race by highlighting Specter's bad decision.

"This is a pure political calculation," Pennsylvania pollster G. Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College told NPR. "He was going to have great difficulty getting nominated in Pennsylvania. And he has been on this tightrope for a long time."

While symbolically it seems a loss for the Republicans in the Senate, Specter the Republican voted along party lines 65 percent of the time so I wouldn't consider him a sure bet just yet.

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