Thursday, February 26, 2009

HOPE is just a four-letter word

It wasn’t always so. It used to mean something to me, but now it’s just as meaningless as any other buzz word: synergy, diversity, interactive, or green. As a matter of fact, very few of the words coming out of President Obama’s mouth mean anything to me. It’s like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.

The most substantive thing he said during Tuesday’s speech before a joint session of congress was about parents needing to turn off the television and read to their children. “Education must begin at home…That’s an American issue,” he said to bipartisan applause.

A statement of common sense to be sure, but I’ll concede there are plenty who need to be reminded. Maybe this obvious advice will resonate as it comes from the mouth of the silver-tounged snake. How easily some are wooed by his rhetoric and impossible promises. He offered no details about how he intends to both spend $1 trillion (just last week) and spare our children from generational theft from this and various other spending bills in the pipeline. But that’s not what the some people want to hear. That would be boring. They just want to hear that everything’s gonna be okay, their problems are not their fault or their responsibility, and most of all, they want to hear that dirty little four-letter word.

I couldn’t say it better than this comment, which followed one review of the President’s eloquence: “The vast majority of people don't understand or become educated on the issues. In the People-magazine-like world we live in, style seems to overshadow substance. No wonder Obama keeps getting high marks from those who just glaze over with glee to listen to him.”

Glaze over the glee. I can’t think of a better way to describe the look on the face of a certain someone I know who eagerly tunes in to hear this President, but has never before listened to anything any other politician has had to say. This person shall remain nameless.

Here's a newsflash for this person and other glee-glazed Obama-lovers. If it’s a warm fuzzy feeling you’re hankering for, go take a bubble bath or watch a romantic comedy. Here in reality, it’s time to get down to the cold, hard facts. The best message the leader of the free world could put out is that Americans need to get a hold of their bootstraps and stop looking for a bailout.

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