Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I dislike Barack Obama

The title of my post is really just to get your attention. I mean, who doesn’t love this guy? He’s got it all: looks, charisma, charm, an Ivy League law degree, a beautiful (and equally well-educated) wife, and even lovelier children. He always has the right thing to say (not counting the séance-Reagan comment), the right tie, and the right friends (who doesn’t love Oprah).

I’m being sarcastic, but let’s face it the guy is Mr. Congeniality, forget Sarah Palin. I can’t watch anything on TV (GMA, CNN, Access Hollywood…) without a clip about so-and-so who knew Obama back when such-and-such and he liked to eat this-and-that and was just your regular-mr-nice-guy. Contrast this with post-election coverage of George W. Bush in 2000-01. Back then we couldn’t get enough stories about the drunken frat-boy C-student who smoked this-and-that. Alas, just another example of the liberal media, but that’s not the point I was getting to.

Prior to Bush, America elected an equally dynamic figure to the Oval Office…hopefully you already know where I am going with this. He had an affinity for cigars, women and risky real estate deals. He was also, in case you forgot, impeached.

I’m not suggesting Obama is as perverse or a “ladies man” (as some would prefer to call him) as Clinton…even I don’t want to believe that. The point I’m trying to make is that the suave, under-control, well-worded person we elected is just that, a person. If you are expecting him to solve all your problems, to give you peace, pride and bring new meaning to your life, you are in for a big disappointment.

I should have titled this post “Why I dislike Obama-loving lemmings,” because that is what I’m really irritated about. If I hear the word “hope” uttered one more time by another American I’m going to vomit on my loafers. When did you ever lose it? You live in the best country in the world. Since when do you put all your h*p* on a politician, anyway?


  1. Well said. You know what an Obama-lover I am, but I'm certain that he -- just like any other man or woman serving in office -- is limited in what he can and can't do.

    I'll be honest, I am getting a little tired of it all, but you really have to put this man's election into perspective. I never thought I'd say this, but LeBron James put it best when he said "We can tell our kids, you can grow up and do anything, not just be a professional athlete or rapper."

    It means a lot to a lot of people. The glitz and glamor will wear off once he starts governing.

  2. Well someone finally said it! Barack is a typical American fad, and when the novelity and charm wears off he'll likey be just another one term president. The fact is he is simply a well marketed product--hope in a depressed economy, and an acheived long term goal of a race. He is well-spoken and his family is gorgeous. He's hard not to love even if you are a die hard republican, but let's face it no one person can clean up a mess it took millions of people to create. Dare I say it, if your looking for solutions look to your neighbor and put it in the hands of the man upstairs. Obama is just one person. Even he doesn't know all the troubles he's about to encunter. All you have to do is look at George Bush's face to catch a glimpse of the underlying stress that is attached to accepting the Commander and Cheif role.

  3. europe and america are very different. as a european, i can say i dislike president obama because everybody loves him for being black, not for being worthy. in other words, i dont really care he is black or with but it bothers me to see he is advertised as great simply because he is, like berlusconi said, “suntanned”.