Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blowing off post-election steam

Day two following the historic election. Frustration has given way to disappointment although my blood still boils every time I hear one of my left winger friends proclaim suddenly how proud they are to be an American. Really? I’m not sure how the election of possibly the least experienced candidate in our nation’s history suddenly gives one pride, especially since we passed up a real American hero for the job.

I won’t go any further without addressing the significance of race in this election. I am not African-American and can’t begin to speak to the elation that must belong to those who are. Obama’s election crosses racial boundaries we are all happy to put behind us. Indeed it was a momentous occasion, and that is the last time you will hear me quote the Rev. Al Sharpton.

This mom didn’t vote for Obama based on his inexperience and his socialist agenda. Do I expect to live in the People’s Republic of America by the end of four years? No, no. But the intentions Obama expressed in his campaign set the stage for a socialized health care system and redistribution of wealth. I thought everyone had to read Animal Farm. Communism doesn’t just suddenly take over. It starts with a policy, an “option” even, as Obama has put it, to buy into or participate in the government’s system. More on that another time.

I wouldn’t be nearly as distraught if we had a balance of power in Washington, if I felt there would be a conservative majority in Congress that would prevent the liberal agenda from pervading the good middle-ground of our nation.

So now what?

Well I’m hoping the other half will come join me in reality, where the fact is most people are unhappy due to their own poor decisions, not because of something George W. Bush did or said. Did he convince you to buy the house you couldn’t afford, take out too many pay-day loans or cause your car accident when you didn’t have health insurance? Come on people. There are problems in our economy (predatory lenders, rising health care costs, and lackluster competition for American-made products) but how do you attribute that to the Executive branch? Bush made an easy target, especially after 9/11. How quickly we forget what this administration has done to secure our borders, hunt and capture our enemies and rebuild Iraq. Nobody said that would be easy, and I’m not surprised there are still troops there. It has been an unpopular war but I do believe it has been necessary. God bless our troops, they are not a waste of time or money!

Only after people start accepting responsibility for their situation can they work toward their own happiness and that increasingly illusive American Dream. Of course, don’t set your sights too high when it comes to that Dream. It wouldn’t be fair for you to finally start that business or eventually become a top executive; God forbid you might earn $250,000 and not share it.

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